Sound Mosaic

Offline Music - Free Audio Books - Podcasts

Listen to free audio books, podcasts and music without an internet connection.

Sound Mosaic allows you to download free audio books and podcasts and store them together with your music files on your phone SD card.
SD cards have now enough capacity to hold your complete music and photo collection and store hundreds of hours of podcasts or audio books. This makes you independent from Cloud services, so that you can listen anytime, even when you are on the road and do not have internet access.

You can transfer audio files to your Android Wear Smartwatch so that you do not have to carry a phone with you when you are going for a run or to the gym. Just connect your bluetooth headset to your smartwatch.
  • Download Free Audio Books and Podcasts
  • Play offline Music on phone SD card
  • Store and play audio files on Smartwatch
  • Watchface for Smartwatch audio control
  • Playlists, Smart Shuffle, Random Music
  • Edit Play Order
  • Previous, Next, Rewind, Fast-Forward

Google Play app store
Android phone app and Wear OS Smartwatch app

Sound Mosaic provides quick and easy access to free audio books and podcasts and can play music on your phone SD card.
Sound Mosaic can also read to you text documents and books.

SoundMosaic makes it very easy to transfer audio books, podcasts and music to your Android Wear Smartwatch and play them directly from your watch so that you do not have to carry a phone when you are going for a run or to the gym.
Just open in the Phone app SoundMosaic the Playlist "Smartwatch Music" or "Smartwatch Podcasts" and add the tracks that you want to transfer to your watch.
Pair a Bluetooth Headset with the Watch and listen to your podcasts without a phone.
The SoundMosiac Watchface allows quick and easy audio control directly from the watchface.
Using the SoundMosiac Watchface Complications you can also design your own Audio Control Watchface.

Fast-Forward a podcast episode, switch from a Music Playlist to an Audio Book without touching your phone, just using the Previous, Next, Play buttons of your Bluetooth Headset or your Smartwatch.

Making a selection is as easy as switching the channel on your car stereo.
You do not have to talk to your phone. Just listen to the menu options and use the Previous, Next, Play buttons to make a selection.
This works great with Bluetooth Headphone control buttons or a Smartwatch.
Single click Previous/Next to rewind/fast forward a Podcast (e.g. to skip an advertisement) or double click Previous/Next to go to the next Podcast episode.
SoundMosaic remembers the last play position so that you can resume an audio book or podcast where you left off.

If you haven't played any music for a longer time, the Android Power Conservation system may have put Sound Mosaic into sleep mode.
You should be able to wake it up again by pressing the Play button on your Bluetooth Headset.
Just give it some time to wake up (press Play, wait 5 seconds, press Play, wait 5 seconds...).

Music Playlists, Smart Shuffle and Random Music:
The Smart Shuffle and Random Music functions are making sure that in the long run every song gests its playing time. If your music collection is larger than 2000 songs it should take more than a week before you will hear the same song again.
Shuffle will play a music categegory in random order, e.g. if you have listened before to the Artist "The Beatles" it will play the songs of the The Beatles in random order or if you have listened before to the Playlist "Abc" it will play "Abc" in random order.
Random Music will select randomly 100 songs from your music collection.
The Shuffel and the Random Music lists will keep the play order until you play the last song or play some other music category.

SoundMosaic will automatically download the latest podcast episodes when you open the app and the phone has a WiFi connection. This allows you to listen to these podcast episodes later, when you do not have an internet connection.
These automatically downloaded podcast episodes are indicated by hourglass icons. They will be later automatically deleted again to make space for new podcast downloads. However you can prevent the automatic deletion of downloads by tapping the corresponding hourglass icon.
This automatic download feature works only during a WiFi connection (and not with a Mobile Data plan connection). But with a Mobile Data plan connection you can still download podcasts manually, by pressing the download button. You can also play podcasts directly from the Cloud without downloading them.

Sound Mosaic makes it very easy to find and download free audio books and podcasts.
But you can also copy your own audio book and podcast folders from your PC to your phone SD card.
If you want to add audio books or podcasts to your phone SD card, put them in the /sdcard/Podcasts folder (not the /sdcard/Music folder). If the SD card does not have a folder "Podcasts", create one (note the spelling: capital "P" and trailing "s").
Give Android a few minutes to find new music and podcasts on your SD card.

Sound Mosaic can play music from your phone SD card on Chromecast TV or Home Audio systems.
You can also display your phone Camera Photos on the Chromecast TV.
Listen to your favorite music while watching your latest photos on the big TV screen.

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